Resources for Driving Profit

How to keep your cash flowing from project to project

Join us on this episode to find out how you can better manage cash flow at the project level and create a short-term cash flow plan.

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Job Costing for Bonds: Why and How?

By Rob Williams

This week on The Profitable Contractor, we’re discussing Job Costing for Bonds: Why and how?

Joint Ventures in Construction: Why Consider It?

By Rob Williams

A Joint Venture is a combination of two or more persons coming together to carry out a single project or series of projects where the joint venture partners combine items such as property, money, skill, and knowledge.

A Financial Board of Directors for Construction Companies

By Stephen Brown

Your financial board of directors is your group of professionals that you use to help you measure risk and track profit.

Getting a Surety Bond Program in Place

By Stephen Brown

Getting a surety bond is easy if you have good credit and the bond requirement is small.

How Bonding Can Help Your Business Grow

By Stephen Brown

Whatever your construction trade, the ability to obtain bonds open doors to new projects and work relationships.

Commercial Contractors Need Surety Bonds

By Stephen Brown

If you are bidding commercial non-residential work, eventually you will be required to provide a bond.

Why You Should Take Your Profit First

By Rob Williams

What if the traditional view of determining your profit is wrong? What if there’s a better alternative – such as taking your profit first, instead of last?